About Our Community

Mary Lapp contributes a Health and Wellness smorgasboard to our team, generated from the twenty year span of her work in the field. Her rich background helps her clients find balance and new vigor through lifestyle changes. Personifying both the practical and the passionate as a certified Nutritional Therapist and Life/Health coach, Mary has an unquenchable quest for knowledge around healing…

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She realizes, looking back, that this stems from being a part of a large family where she found her path with a love of cooking at an early age. Her journey took her to the Culinary Institute of America, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and more.  Essentially, she moved from providing the transitory “feel good” plate of chocolate chip cookies to a more expansive and long-lasting form of healing. Mary is now helping individuals be creators of a more positive future with nutrient dense food choices, Young Living essential oils and emotional support through life coaching.


Mary is currently teaching several scheduled classes through Zoom, offered to YL members or interested newcomers. Her range of knowledge is evident in all of her classes. Equally empowering, a joyful sincerity permeates through the virtual environment. When she teaches, she fosters growth in an individual, like a gardner transplanting a young seedling. The Simple and Merry Oils website also offers blog posts and recipes, and many practical and inspirational ideas.


Mary cherishes her husband, Ernie, and the time they spend together either at home in Pennsylvania, or hiking and biking in new terrain (recently they traveled to Nepal).  She enjoys travel, perhaps reminiscent of her two and a half years spent in the Czech Republic. Family is a core value and her spiritual journey remains as sure-footed as when she was a child, but with a more expanded vision.


Essential oils are an invaluable resource with her clients and in her own life, “I am constantly amazed at how many methods there are to heal…and how deep and full this can be. The oils are so powerful for emotional healing and processing. In my own experience, they have enabled me to open up and let go simultaneously.  And, I love that the oils can smell SO good and be SO healing!”

As a fisherman’s wife for over forty years, Ruth Blount brings resiliency and a creative, pioneering spirit to the team.  Mother of seven adult children, (and grandmother of six), she and her husband, Bill, have recently moved to New Bedford, MA to begin a new adventure after being enmeshed in Nantucket Island life for four decades. She sustains her workroom sewing for a Nantucket interior designer, at the same time that she is committing to learn and grow as a business builder with the Simple and Merry Young Living team.  

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A life-long learner and educator, Ruth’s excitement engages and challenges the team to new vision. Her innate strategic and organizational skills for bringing goals to life serve the team tremendously… With her heart to give to others, Ruth’s passion is to serve the new community where they are happily settling. New Bedford’s fishing heritage resonates with her, and she looks forward to volunteering at the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center in the heart of the historic port.  She hopes to introduce the healing qualities of Young Living oils to the brave and hard-working fishing population, or new friends she just met from a neighborhood block party.

Ruth enjoys reading, walking in nature, and relating deeply with family and a close circle of friends.  While her days of hosting huge, harvest table meals for company are behind her, Ruth’s home generates warmth and hospitality. Her faith in a provisional God has been a constant thread; her Christ-centered walk is quiet and real.


“Simplicity in life choices has become a defining factor in my life. To me, essential oils fit that lifestyle.  They are organic and from the earth, and can be contained in a small space without extra stuff needed! Their healing qualities make them more than just a product, but a gift, one that I want to share.”

Leah Blount is our visual designer, bringing a background in animation, color and design which is enhancing both the website and the team.  Creativity is in Leah’s DNA; she started drawing repeating patterns and forms with meaning at 18 months! She has assimilated much of her  knowledge in non-traditional ways, and finds the most empowerment when allowed freedom to explore a project. Strongly intuitive, her clarity of insight has helped others even while on her own journey of self-awareness…

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As a person learning to thrive with a mental health diagnosis, Leah says, “So much of my art and creativity is tied to the way my brain works.  It is illuminating to me how my illness has given me a unique way of perceiving the world.”


Leah’s expertise in computer graphics has made her the team guru in technology.  She is developing classes to teach others how to more easily navigate the Virtual Office and other aspects of the business side of Young Living. She hopes to expand her art background, potentially with photography and other classes she can use as a springboard for her work.


Leah enjoys movies, creative writing (especially the fantasy genre), walking in nature, and small group interactions. She is passionate about social justice, and helping others overcome the stigmas and fear of transparency around mental health.


Leah has used Young Living essential oils for over four years on her journey to wholeness.  She emphatically states they have helped her transform her mind from “an unstable home” that felt like it was “on fire to a safer place”. The oils help with calming thoughts, creating a “sense of sustained soothing.”

Nancy Frazier brings fresh perspective and creative ideas to build community in the Simple and Merry Oils Young Living team. Her background in writing and teaching equips her to enhance the website as a writer/editor.  Words and people matter to Nancy. She has been called a word-crafter; she says simply, “I love words!” Journal writing, teaching English/Writing in small group classrooms, editing and tutoring, or using poetry as expressive therapy have all played a part in her life…

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The other undergirding thread of her life is family and relationships. Thirty years of dedication to parenting shaped her life and she continues to delight in the expansion of her family. Also invigorating her life are other people, whether core friends of many years, or those she meets from other cultures, age groups, or experiences. (She is currently involved with a grassroots organization to help and welcome new immigrants in nearby Maine towns.) “I so enjoy hearing stories, learning about life from others, and keeping a sense of wonder alive!”she describes.


Nancy enjoys the outdoors—walking the beach and trails, kayaking or sailing.  She has a love of color and design for inside and outside spaces. Her interior staging skills have enhanced the homes of friends and family; creating flower gardens are both her meditation and workout! She is drawn to libraries and loves to read.


Nancy advocates the possibility of self-discovery at any age, and believes that essential oils are a valuable tool for her own emotional and physical well-being.  She can attest to the wonderful soothing effect of Peppermint with Panaway, along with Deep Relief after several difficult fractures this past year. Fueled by a dedicated work focus, Nancy is passionate about a new future emerging with the support of her team.