Christmas Spirit is a lovely Young Living blend that smells, appropriately, like Christmas! 

It promotes feelings of joy, peace, happiness and security.  But it does more than just that!

Christmas Spirit consists of:

Orange – which uplifts the mind and body.  This refreshing scent promotes feelings of joy and peace.

Cinnamon Bark – this smells lovely and is reminiscent of delicious treats, but it also supports a healthy immune system.  We all know that we need some immune support around the holidays!

Black Spruce – this lovely oil also supports the immune system, plus it helps us feel grounded and emotionally balanced.

How to Use Christmas Spirit:

  1. Uplifting Scent plus Immune Support: Diffuse for an uplifting, familiar, enjoyable scent that also delivers powerful immune support and slows the spreading of germs.
  2. Toxin-Free Scented Fire: Add a few drops to a log before adding it to the fire.
  3. Toxin-Free Scented Cleaning: Add a few drops to your vacuum bag for a clean scent.
  4. Topical Immune Support – the cinnamon bark in Christmas Spirit is spicy and can burn if used undiluted.  Dilute well (start with a drop or two per 1/4 teaspoon carrier oil for adults) and apply to non-sensitive areas for immune support or as a lovely scent.  Good places to apply are the bottoms of your feet, your belly, or your spine.  (For children, it depends on their age, size, and sensitivity.)
  5. Freshen Clothes: add a few drops to a wool dryer ball.
  6. Thieves Replacement: use like Thieves (immune support) for those avoiding eucalyptus or rosemary.